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Protecting Confidential and Sensitive Information

Red Flag Regulations

Overview of Topics

What's this all about?

Why is UM concerned about identity theft?

The University of Montevallo is subject to federal rules regarding security because we offer or participate in:

  • Student tuition and fee repayment plans
  • The Federal Perkins Loan program
  • Other payments through various departmental programs on campus such as Child Study Center, Community School of Music, etc.
  • Identity Theft Put In Context

    What is considered Identity Theft?

    Why is training on identity theft prevention important?

    Common Causes

    Internal Threats

    External Threats

    Common Methodology

    Bottom Line For You As A Student Worker

    "From an organization's perspective, people include employees, customers, third parties, and business partners. All of these people are vital to the organization's survival and are privy to the organization's information in varying degrees through different means.

    As a result, all of these PEOPLE PRESENT RISK. Well aware that infrastructures and perimeters have been fortified, today's sophisticated crooks no longer batter the fortress directly - they take a subtler approach through its people."

    Deloitte 2007 Global Security Survey: The Shifting Security Paradigm

    Red Flag Regulations

    Federal rules UM employees must follow regarding identity protection

    The Federal Trade Commission governs and enforces this regulation.

    What's the purpose?

    Why Does This Apply To Me?

    What is Confidential and Sensitive Information?

    Federal rules UM employees must follow regarding identity protection

    If you work with information from sources such as:

    You will be handling confidential and sensitive information (CSI).

    Defining Confidential and Sensitive Information (CSI)

    Personal Information

    • Social Security Number
    • Social Insurance Number
    • Birth Dates
    • Drivers License Information
    • Professional License Information
    • Student Id numbers such as M#

    Business Information

    • Federal ID Numbers
    • Proprietary Information
    • Trade Secrets
    • Business Systems
    • Student ID's
    • Access Numbers/Passwords
    • Customer Identifiers, Vendor Numbers, and Account Numbers

    Financial Information

    • Credit Card Numbers
    • Expiration Dates of Cards
    • CCV Numbers from Cards
    • Bank/Credit Union Account Number
    • Credit Reports
    • Billing Information
    • Payment History

    Medical Information

    • Medical Records
    • Doctor Names and Claims
    • Health, Life, Disability Insurance Policy Information

    How UM Protects Information

    Protective Measures for...

    Safety Concerns

    Protective Measures for Employee Privacy and Security

    What is a Student Worker's role in identity theft prevention?

    Basic Requirements for Student Workers


    Question #1

    The most significant cause of information loss or breach is:
    Technology Failures
    The Human Element

    Question #2

    The following are examples of Confidential and Sensitive Information:
    A. Health information
    B. Social Security / Identification Numbers
    C. Financial Information
    D. Education Information
    E. All of the above

    Question #3

    Student workers have a shared responsibility in protecting students' and employees' information: